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The Team


A software developer (to the glorious soundtrack of cast recordings) by day, QC spends her nights pondering lyrics and talking about how she “really should work on that musical”. She occasionally dabbles in music (having played piano for almost as long as she can remember) and once dreamed of writing a novel, but now aspires to write “the best musical of all time. It’s more difficult than initially anticipated”. She’s seen The Book of Mormon way too many times. Elsewhere in life, QC is probably thinking about bunnies, playing board games or trying to do a backflip. You’ll find her on Instagram at @qcmeetsworld.


Jason is a full-time student at Swinburne University, majoring in journalism and creative writing. Over the last few years, his love for theatre has grown after he watched some friends perform in a local production. He considers this the spark that ignited his enthusiasm towards the art. Jason spends his free time playing the piano, but prefers to sing when no one else is around! In the future, Jason hopes to perform in local productions himself, in the hopes that one day he will become the ‘super swing’ he dreams to be. Look for him on Instagram at @jasonprekop.